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The Life and Times of a Bored College Student

Hi everyone my name's Kaitlyn and I'm a Forensic Science major and welcome to my blog! I reblog things that I enjoy ) and just random stuff that amuses me so enjoy!

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Oct 3 '12
Jun 15 '12

Si THOR na walang malay.


Si THOR na walang malay.

Jun 11 '12
Jun 5 '12
May 31 '12
May 25 '12

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May 24 '12


A Little Bit On The Redesigned Superheroes Side: Batman is a greaser and the Avengers go medieval on your hiney thanks to these stylish redesigns by Denis Medri.

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May 16 '12
May 16 '12


THE LOKI CATS SHIRT IS MY FAVORITE. I needs it. And that Infinity Gauntlet jam. But, man, that Loki shirt makes me say mmmmmmmmmm.

via & available from welovefineshirts:

Yeah, Loki’s brain? Cats. FULL of cats. 

We’ve got six new awesome Marvel Avengers movie-inspired tees now available featuring Loki, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and… um, another guy. (It’s been two weeks, can we say now?! ;) )

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Also, don’t forget our amazing recent Marvel Avengers contest winners

(If you have other quotables/specific characters you’d totally buy on a tee, by the way, reblog and tell us!)

May 10 '12

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