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The Life and Times of a Bored College Student

Hi everyone my name's Kaitlyn and I'm a Forensic Science major and welcome to my blog! I reblog things that I enjoy ) and just random stuff that amuses me so enjoy!

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Mar 17 '14

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Mar 1 '14


The Last of Us, Dragon Age, & Mass Effect ~ Cosplay

by fluffyltd

Feb 14 '13

“You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together.”

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Aug 28 '12
Inon Zur - Lelianna's Song (Dragon Age: Origins)


Next song on Audrey’s ‘repeat for hours’ playlist…..

possibly my favorite song from a video game…ever

Jan 22 '12

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Jan 10 '12
Dec 18 '11
Dec 16 '11
Dec 12 '11
Dec 12 '11